Summer 2019 Internship at Harvard High Performance Computing

High Level Overview

I intered at Harvard HPC for 12 weeks (High Performance Computing) the summer of 2019.

I lived with my family and would bike to and from work (about 15 minutes) each day.

My work focused around improving support for tracking client storage allocations. I was lucky to work alongside lots of awesome and brilliant colleagues. :)

What Did I Learn


  • I learned Django, MySQL, and Docker
  • Learned about the all of the communication involved with designing the structure of a new database.


  • Don’t iterate through designs by coding them; instead use a tool like Figma and then code it once you settle on a design.

What Did I Get Done

Here is an overview of the things I was most proud of accomplishing:

  • Coded a dashboard that enables Harvard FASRC clients to view, request, or terminate their storage allocations.
  • Built a storage request form that helps streamline the process by which clients acquire more storage.
  • Designed a MySQL database for tracking storage allocations and storage transactions.


This experience would not have been possible without the many awesome colleagues I got to work alongside. Special thanks to Raminder for being such a great mentor this past summer. This was my first software engineering internship; I wouldn’t have grown and learned as much as I did without your constant feedback.

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