Lunar Assistant Montreal, QC
Software Engineer #project Oct. 2021
Lunar Assistant is a Discord bot that helps with the community management of NFT communities on the Terra blockchain. Quickly set up NFT community voting, private channels for those with certain types of NFTs, and public whitelists for mints.
  • Designed and built the discord bot for managing Discord roles based on Terra wallet holdings (Discord.js, Terra.js, Firestore)
  • Built the web app for linking discord accounts with Terra wallet addresses (Nextjs, Firestore, Vercel)
  • Wrote the docs for onboarding users and admins to the Lunar Assistant (Gitbook).
Moon Paper Scissors Montreal, QC
Software Engineer #project #game Sept. 2021 - Oct. 2021
A rock paper scissors pvp cryptocurrency gambling website built on the Terra blockchain.
  • Developed the smart contracts for facilitating the game mechanics (Rust, Cosmwasm).
  • Built the frontend for playing Moon Paper Scissors (React, Nextjs, TailwindCSS, Terra.js).
  • Developed some pixel art for the game assets.
Perkify San Francisco, CA
Co-founder & Software Engineer #startup #project July. 2021 - Present
A b2b saas that makes it easy for businesses to offer subscription services like Spotify, Netflix, etc to their employees as a company benefit. Helps businesses with hiring, employee satisfaction, and employee retention at a low cost.
  • Coded the backend for managing business stripe subscriptions and perk groups (Nodejs, Express, Firebase Functions, Stripe).
  • Build the admin dashboard through which admins manage their employees and their benefits (React, Material-UI).
Study Together Remote
Tech Lead #startup #project Jan. 2021 - May. 2021
Offering focused study sessions to the largest student community on Discord.
  • Coded the api for interacting with user profiles and statistics data (Quart, SQLAlchemy, Aioredis,
  • Built the dashboard used by 1000 users per day for checking their study statistics
Sweater Planet Montreal, QC
Software Engineer #startup Jan. 2021 - March. 2021
Building custom product lines for your team.
  • Architected and deployed a kubernetes cluster to serve the backend microservices (Kubernetes, Kustomize, Google Kubernetes Engine).
  • Deployed the frontend applications (Google Cloud Run).
  • Dockerized the frontend and all the backend microservices (Docker, Docker Compose)
  • Designed and implemented CI/CD pipelines for the backend/frontend to build and deploy docker images automatically (Github Actions).
Artifai Cambridge, MA
Co-founder & Software Engineer #project Mar. 2020 - Feb. 2021
Making neural style technology available to non technical users, while streamlining the process for users to purchase their art on a poster/canvas.
  • Architected the backend for performing neural-style (Google Cloud Computing and Firebase Functions).
  • Developed the user authentication and social databases (Firebase, Firestore, and Node.js).
  • Built the user interface. Visit the business at To date there have been over 7000 artifaications (React).
  • Turned Down Acquire Offers and Went Open Source


Cisco San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer #internship May. 2021 - Sept. 2021
Writing software on the Cisco CX Cloud team.
  • Earned intern of the month for his positive team-player attitude, leadership skills, and outstanding performance.
  • Designed, built, and deployed an internal dashboard for accessing split feature flags that removed confusion surrounding feature flags and became a part of the Cisco CX Cloud team’s workflow (Angular, Split, Express, AWS, Circle CI).
  • Configured OpenAPI generator to generate api clients that saves frontend engineers time and energy when interacting with backend apis (OpenAPI Generator, bash, jq).
Gamma School San Francisco, CA
Co-organizer #project May. 2021 - Sept. 2021
Co-organized a group home in the bay area that hosted 10 people for the summer.
  • Organized for daily group dinners.
  • Interviewed candidates for the group house.
  • Managed room assignments and finances.
Crypto Ponies Montreal, QC
Software Engineer #project #hackathon Oct. 2021
Built a crypto kitties clone called crypto ponies as a way of learning about ethereum, solidity, and nfts.
  • Constructed the web interface for viewing and buying crypto ponies (Nextjs, TailwindCSS, Vercel, solidity, web3.js).
NeuroTech Montreal, QC
Software Engineer #research #project Feb. 2020 - Present
Creating a non-invasive forearm band that can predict which keys a user is typing without the need for a keyboard. Applications include augmented reality.
  • Constructed a dashboard for visualizing realtime ML model predictions and signal data (React).
  • Developed a pipeline for interfacing between ML model predictions and frontend applications (SocketIO, Python).
Trumperator Montreal, QC
Software Engineer #project #hackathon Oct. 2020
Generated a bunch of fake Trump tweets using his Twitter tweets as training data. Built a web interface which presents you with real and fake Trump tweets, you try to figure out which is which!
  • Constructed a web interface for displaying real and fake Trump tweets and keeping score of how many you can guess correctly (React, Material-UI, Github Pages).
Harvard High Performance Computing Cambridge, MA
Software Engineer #internship Jun. 2020 - September. 2020
Writing software for helping users interact with the Harvard super computer.
  • Refactored the user account creation pipeline, increasing processing speed by 15 times (Python, Bash). View final presentation.
  • Coded performance tests which exposed high load averages on web server hosts. Identified a way to reduce it by 70% (Locust).
  • Built a dashboard that enables non technical users to understand the complex Harvard super computer status (React, Passenger, Node).
Libravos Montreal, QC
Software Engineer #project Nov. 2019
AI NLP insurance chat bot that helps users understand their insurance policies.
  • Built and deployed the AI NLP chat bot for helping users understand their insurance policies (Rasa, Python, Docker, AWS).
McGill oneCard Dashboard Montreal, QC
Software Engineer #project Sept. 2019 - Dec. 2019
Scraping McGill oneCard transaction history and showing more analytics than on the official McGill oneCard dashboard.
  • Constructed an API for extracting student information from the official McGill oneCard dashboard using HTML request mimicking (Python, HTML Mimicking).
  • Built the dashboard (React, Material-UI).
Epigenosys Montreal, QC
Software Engineer #research #project Sept. 2019 - Dec. 2019
Predicting a human’s age based on the methylation data extrated from their blood.
  • Achieved 100% accuracy plus or minus 10 years and >90% accuracy plus or minus 5 years (Keras).
  • Deployed a web interface that enables clients to interact with the machine learning model. Users can tune each of the 25 features and see how predicted age changes (Django).
  • Presented research at McGill Science and Synergy. Made the front page of Hacker News with over 100 upvotes.
Harvard High Performance Computing Cambridge, MA
Software Engineer #internship May. 2019- August. 2019
Writing software for helping users interact with the Harvard super computer.
  • Deployed a web interface that enables hundreds of clients to view, request, or terminate their storage allocations (Django).
  • Designed a mysql database model for tracking storage allocations and storage transactions (MySQL).
Facebook To Instagram Bot Cambridge, MA
Software Engineer #project Jan. 2019 - June. 2019
Bot that automatically copies posts posted on Facebook to Instagram.
  • Built the bot to automate my job of copying posts from Facebook to Instsagram (Facebook Graph API, Instagram API, Python).
Aspine Cambridge, MA
Co-founder & Software Engineer #project Jan. 2019 - June. 2019
Open Source project that revolutionizes the user interface for Aspen, a grade checking service, with many new features and improved aesthetics. Aspine is now preferred by over 500 students.
  • Built the dashboard (Tabulator, jquery).
  • Constructed an API for extracting student information from Aspen using HTML request mimicking (Node, HTML Mimicking).


Libravos Montreal, QC
Co-founder & Software Engineer #project #startup Sept. 2019 - Feb. 2020
Lemonade for phone insurance. Instead relying on a flat payment model for phone insurance, build an AI actuary which calculates insurance premiums on an individualized basis.
  • Wrote up the submission for the Dobson Cup competition.
  • Built a basic NLP chatbot as a proof of concept (Demo).