First ox-hugo post

This is Awesome!

I just installed ox-hugo, an org extension that makes it easy to export org files as hugo posts.

Setting Up

On spacemacs it was as easy as adding ox-hugo to the list of dotspacemacs-additional-packages, along with adding the following to user-config:

(use-package ox-hugo
  :ensure t          ;Auto-install the package from Melpa (optional)
  :after ox)

Then you’re good to go. I’m excited about the way it makes it easy to write posts via org-capture, but I should really be spending more time writing and less time configuring emacs (:

Even though it’s easy to setup, I recommend reading through the entire ox-hugo documentation, and this blog post for more specifics on the workflow.

Extra Goodies

I recommend setting up auto-export on saving, org-capture setup.

Personally I like using hugo leaf bundles for all my hugo posts because it helps keep the images organized.

Have fun!

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